What We Pay

9 Karat Gold $21.50 Per Gram
10 Karat Gold $23.75 Per Gram
14 Karat Gold $33.50 Per Gram
18 Karat Gold $42.75 Per Gram
21 Karat Gold $49.75 Per Gram
22 Karat Gold $52.25 Per Gram
24 Karat Gold $57.00 Per Gram
.925 Sterling Silver $0.67 Per Gram
.950 Platinum $32.50 Per Gram
Canadian Silver Coins
1919 or earlier (No Pennies) $0.67 Per Gram
1920 - 1966 (No Pennies or Nickels) $0.63 Per Gram
1967 (No Pennies or Nickels) $0.50 Per Gram
1968 (Quarters and Dimes only) $0.39 Per Gram
American Silver Coins
1964 or earlier (Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes) $0.65 Per Gram
1965 - 1970 (Half Dollars) $0.32 Per Gram
Gold Bullion $2095 Per Ounce
Silver Bullion $34.05 Per Ounce
Platinum Bullion $1413 Per Ounce

Prices Updated: 02/28/2021 4:49 AM

With precious metals prices near all-time highs, there’s never been a better time to sell your unwanted item(s) containing gold, silver, platinum or palladium! We understand you have plenty of options for selling these item(s) — pawn shops, brokers, jewellers — but quite frankly, we’ll pay you more than ALL of them.

Up to 3 times more!


We work on high-volume & low-margins, and we value our customers. We want you coming back to us and recommending your friends & family to us!

Not only do we pay top dollar, we use live up to the minute gold, silver, platinum & palladium market prices and test & weigh your item(s) in front of you for total peace of mind on each transaction.

Most importantly, Safe Gold is licensed by the city of Hamilton, which means you’re guaranteed a safe and legitimate transaction.