How It Works

Finding companies that buy precious metals is an easy task, but finding someone who is loyal and efficient at the same time is not so easy.

This is where Safe Gold comes into the picture! We are one of the leading jewellery buyers in Hamilton. What makes us rank among the top buyers is our distinct services and genuine pricing. Offering fair dealings to customers has helped us etch a reputation as a trustworthy company. Jewels are known to be one of the most appealing possessions for any individual, which is why keeping high price expectations is essential.

We know how hard it is to part with any of your possessions, and keeping that in mind, we make sure that you get the best price for them. We do not have a rigorous buying procedure that leaves you confused. Instead, we follow a very simple, honest, and transparent procedure.

Quick look at the process we follow:

First Step

Search for your old, unwanted scrap metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or other accessories such as watches, used ornaments, or antiques, and bring them to our store.

We purchase anything that is real gold (8k-24k), silver, platinum, or palladium. Unfortunately, we do not buy anything that is plated/filled, as these items contain very little gold or silver content.

Second Step

Once all the items have been sorted by karat, we weigh them on a scale. If any of the items have stones or inserts, we will subtract the estimated weight of those stones. This is only to provide you with an accurate quote.

Third Step

We quote the best possible price for your item(s) based on today’s gold, silver, and platinum prices. Both the purity and weight of your items are used to calculate your payout. This is only an estimate, and you are under no obligation to sell.

A final test may be required for larger items. This is to ensure the piece is not fake. It could involve filing or cutting the item. We will always ask your permission before this is done. If you do not consent, we will simply return your item.

Fourth Step

Once you have accepted the estimate and agreed to sell your items, we will happily remove any stones that you request. Items will then be weighed again to ensure an accurate quote. There are absolutely no hidden fees, and you will be paid cash on the spot.