What We Buy

At Safe Gold, we purchase all gold, silver, and platinum. This includes jewellery (ranging from broken to brand name), coins, bars, flatware, and even dental.

We offer free, no-obligation appraisals and, if you decide to sell, an immediate cash payment.

Gold Buyer

1 Oz Canadian Gold Coin

Silver Buyer

1 Oz Canadian Silver Coin

Other Precious Metals

1 Oz Canadian Platinum Coin

* We will pay more for designer brand name jewellery such as Cartier, Birks, Pandora, Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, etc.

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Understanding Jewellery Hallmarks

The gold’s purity is usually stamped right onto the items. If the stamp has worn off, we have techniques to check the purity for you. This table helps you understand some of the common markings on the gold items that you are selling:

Karat StampingPurity (Parts per Thousand)
8k (Old European Gold)333
9k (English or European Gold)375
10k (Most Common in North America)417
14k (Common in North America and Italy)585
22k (Middle Eastern or Asian)916
24k (Asian)999
GP, EGP, GF, Guaranteed. RGP, HE, KPGold Plate

What We Don’t Buy

We don’t buy gold or silver-plated/filled items, diamonds or gemstones. The following is a list of item stamps signifying items that are not solid gold: