Sell Gift Cards

We pay top dollar for your unwanted gift cards at Safe Gold!

Safe Gold will give you cash for unwanted gift and prepaid cards, including those with return credits.

Gift cards are more popular than ever, but many people never use theirs. If you’d rather take the cash than buy something you don’t need, Safe Gold is here to help! We’ll pay top dollar for your gift cards, giving you the money you need to buy what you want.

As the leading gift card buyer in Hamilton, we offer:

  1. The simplest and most convenient way to get cash is from your gift cards, no matter how old or how many times they’ve been used
  2. The most competitive value for your gift cards (we don’t pay the full value, contact us for rates)
  3. Fast payment for your gift card without the wait, letting you buy what you want right now

At Safe Gold, we can buy nearly any major retailer gift card. Contact us if you have any questions about yours, and we’ll be happy to answer them!

We require all gift cards we purchase to have a minimum balance of $10.

Trade Your Cards for Cash

Bring any gift card, return card, or pre-paid card.

Receive a Cash Offer

We'll check balances and offer instant cash based on the total value.

Get Your Cash Instantly

Accept, and walk away with cash immediately!