About Safe Gold

About Safe Gold

Safe Gold is one of the leading companies in Hamilton, offering the highest prices for gold, silver, and platinum.

We have been an established business for over ten years, but we have well beyond ten years of education and knowledge about precious metals and valuables.

We are proud to name this as the reason for our significant growth and popularity. Since there are so many sellers and buyers in the gold industry, we truly know that it takes hard work to get to the top, and we know that it takes more than hard work to stay at the top.

What We Pay

8 Karat Gold Jewellery $26.50/g
9 Karat Gold Jewellery $29.75/g
10 Karat Gold Jewellery $33.25/g
14 Karat Gold Jewellery $47.00/g
18 Karat Gold Jewellery $61.00/g
21 Karat Gold Jewellery $71.25/g
22 Karat Gold Jewellery $74.50/g
24 Karat Gold Jewellery $82.50/g
.925 Sterling Silver $0.87/g
.900 Platinum $28.50/g
.950 Platinum $30.00/g
.999 Platinum $32.00/g
Gold Maple Leaf $3,172.00/oz
Gold Bars & Coins (up to 1 oz) $3,162.00/oz
Gold Bars & Coins (over 1 oz) $3,057.00/oz
Gold bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $3,017.00/oz
Silver Maple Leaf $41.40/oz
Silver Bars & Coins $40.40/oz
Silver Bars & Coins (1kg, 50 oz and 100 oz bars) $39.40/oz
Silver bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $38.40/oz
Platinum Bars & Coins $1,348.00/oz
Platinum bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $1,288.00/oz
Palladium Bars & Coins $1,167.00/oz
Palladium bullion that cannot be resold (damaged) $1,137.00/oz
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Prices are updated every 5 minutes and are the actual prices that you will receive.

Why Choose Us?

Market Prices

Genuine price evaluation through experienced and trained evaluators.
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Free Quotations

We provide a free, no-obligation quote for every Safe Gold client.
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Haggle Free

We use live market prices, so you know how much you're going to receive before you even set foot in our store.
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Great Service

Exceptional service with a high rate of satisfied customers and great referrals.

How It Works

How It Works

Safe Gold How It Works Step 1

We Make It Effortless!

In just three easy steps, we at Safe Gold turn your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals into cash!

Safe Gold How It Works Step 2

First Step​

Bring in your old, broken, or unwanted gold, silver, platinum, or other precious metals to us.

Safe Gold How It Works Step 3

Second Step​

With an easy yet precise process, we will offer a free, no-obligation quotation.

Safe Gold How It Works Step 4

Final Step

Get paid. Receive your money on the spot.

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What We Buy

Safegold Pile Of Gold

Gold, Silver & Platinum

We are interested in purchasing gold, silver, and platinum in all forms. New, old, or broken jewellery, bars, coins, dental, nuggets, sterling silver tableware, and platinum labware.

Safegold 5 Gold Coins

Gold Coins & Bars

We buy all world gold coins, including Canadian Maple Leafs, USA Eagles, Krugerrands, sovereigns, etc.

Safegold 5 Silver Coins

Silver Coins & Bars

We buy all Canadian and American silver coins. Canada, 1966 and earlier, 1967, and 1968 (junk silver). Montreal Olympic coins and sets. USA, 1964 and earlier, silver dollars, etc.